MAJO Art Pack VOL ② — MOON


Designer: Majo Ideas

Space is the place and using our imaginations we're going to travel there together. Grab your space suits as we're headed to the moon and back!

What's Inside?

It's LAUNCH time! Get ready to shoot your straw rocket towards the moon, assemble a lunar landing module on a majestic moonscape with fellow space travelers of the animal-kind...and so much more!

1 x Double Sided Poster (including sing-a-long lyrics!)
2 x Artist Collector Cards
3 x Space Postcards
2 x Holographic Sticker Sheets, so shiny you could see them from space
1 x Collectible MAJO Space Program decal to adorn your astronaut helmet
4 x Straw Rockets

PLUS high performance, gravity-tested MAJO pencil & straw...aka rocket launchers!

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