MAJO Art Pack VOL ③ — CARS


Designer: Majo Ideas

Artists have been tinkering with cars since they existed, turning the car into a canvas or better yet, a sculpture! Buckle-up, it's going to be a wild ride.

What's Inside?

Hold onto your hats! We're heading to an Art Car Parade and making a few pit stops along the way. Discover roadside attractions in your Mahlangu-styled convertible...and so much more!

1 x Double Sided Poster with works by revered children's book illustrator, Carl Johanson (genius behind All Kinds of Cars)
2 x Artist Collector Cards
6 x Postcards of iconic roadside sculptures
6 x Sticker Sheets - more cars & wheels than you can imagine!
1 x Collectible Decal

PLUS your very own car! Wait what??! That's right - fold it up, add some sticker detailing, and take it for a spin.

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