Designer: Majo Ideas

How about a food fight without the mess...maybe only in your dreams? Clear the table and get ready for a surrealist dinner party that will blow your everything you need to impress your guests, including folded napkins!

What's Inside?

What do you get when you combine an ocelot seek-and-find, a Dali-inspired spread, and napkin origami? A feast for the eyes and so much more!

1 x Double Sided Activity Poster celebrating a high-low culinary mashup
2 x Artist Collector Cards
2 x Exquisite Paper Napkins to be folded into works of art
3 x Sticker Sheets
2 x Origami Crabs (don't worry, they won't pinch!)

PLUS the most fantastic fake mustache  some might say you look like Dali himself!

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