The Spirit of Chairs: The Chair Collection of Thierry Barbier-Mueller


by Marie Barbier-Mueller (Editor), Thierry Barbier-Mueller (Contributor), Lorette Coen (Contributor), Chantal Prod'hom (Contributor), Charlotte Savolainen-Mailler (Contributor), Jamieson Webster (Contributor), Robert Wilson (Contributor)

The chairs in this book are not for everyday use. Occupying a unique terrain between design and art, they are sometimes intended to be sat on--but equally and most importantly, they explore the sculptural possibilities of the chair. The generous layout of this fun, surprising and substantial volume allows readers to fully immerse themselves in its many curiosities and give their imagination free rein. Nicolas Polli and Jean Vincent Simonet use their photographic essays to interpret these modern and contemporary chairs, while texts examine their fruitful friction between art and design and explain their significance in the life of their collector, Thierry Barbier-Mueller.

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