The Queen’s Window by David Hockney Westminster Abbey


by Susan Jenkins (Author)

• The official publication on David Hockney's stained glass window at Westminster Abbey, commissioned to celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II• An enchanting study exploring the processes of both designing and making the window• The first time Hockney has designed a work in stained glassThe Queen’s Window was designed by renowned artist David Hockney for Westminster Abbey and unveiled in autumn 2018. The work was commissioned to celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II as England’s longest-serving monarch. The resulting design is a vibrantly coloured and quintessentially English country scene featuring a Yorkshire landscape with the hawthorn blossom that Hockney loves. In an extended conversation between Hockney and fellow-artist Tacita Dean, the artist reflects on his approach to the design and his use of colour, as well on the underlying themes that the window represents

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