Tavous Necklace


Designer: Sharon Khazzam
Crafted by: Turquoise Mountain
Materials: Walnut, lemon, maple, rosewood, gold plated silver, diamonds, precious and semi-precious gems
Origin: Handmade in Jordan

This Tavous Necklace features a wooden inlaid mosaic made of walnut, lemon, maple and rosewoods. Each piece is handcrafted by Turquoise Mountain master artisans Abu Abdo and Samer Antaki in Jordan, featuring marquetry patterns highlighted by a different combination of gold colors as well as diamonds, precious and semi-precious gems.

To craft the Tavous Necklace, New York based jewelry designer Sharon Khazzam has partnered together with Turquoise Mountain, an NGO committed to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and education of artisans in Afghanistan, Myanmar, and the Middle East. Khazzam has designed a collection of necklaces using traditional Middle Eastern motifs, debuting at the MFA Shop as a part of the Heirloom Project to celebrate the new Hossein Afshar Galleries for Art of the Islamic Worlds at MFAH.


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