Shangri-la Rose 'Beauty' Tea


Designer: The Qi
Ingredients: 9 individually wrapped packets of Shangri-la Rose Tea
Details: 9
 flowers = 27 cups (after the 1st steep, refill hot water 2 more times)

The most pure flower teas you'll ever taste. Experience the soothing floral fragrance of The Qi's one-of-a-kind Rose Tea. Enjoy a cup of this beautiful ritual that is made from the finest whole rose flowers, carefully handpicked from the gardens of Shangri-la at 10,000 feet above sea level. This high mountain rose tea has a delicate, slightly sweet, and unmistakable rose flavor with a light body and mild finish. Enjoy a cup of this soothing tea in the morning or as a bedtime treat. Rose Tea is perfect for relaxing after a long day or for a luxurious afternoon pick-me-up. The sweet, floral aroma of this tea is sure to lift your spirits. Enjoy a cup of Rose Tea and transport yourself to a garden of roses.

Single Origin / Naturally caffeine-free / Organically grown / Antioxidants / Vegan / Zero calories / Non-GMO

Rooted in time-honored Eastern holistic healing wisdom, The Qi is a wellness brand on a mission to empower you to feel more joy, beauty, and inner calm through the power of healing whole flower tea rituals.

“Qi” (Chi, pronounced chee) means Life Energy or Life Force. It stands for the energy in all things, the vital energy forming part of any living entity in the entire universe.

Flowers contain the most Qi. According to ancient Eastern philosophies, when a plant flowers it is believed that it’s at the peak of its life and the flowers are the fruit of this highest level energy Qi.

The Qi works directly with small family owned farms across Asia. Their flowers are always hand picked, organically grown, and sustainably cultivated. Purchases allow The Qi to give back to local nonprofit organizations, including the CAAAV, Heart of Dinner, and more.

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