Alma Woodsey Thomas “Untitled” Puzzle (1000 Piece)


Artist: Alma Woodsey Thomas
Manufacturer: MoMA / Design Ideas
Dimensions: 13.4 x 38.6" / 1000 Pieces

This 1000-piece Alma Woodsey Thomas Jigsaw Puzzle features a reproduction of Thomas’ artwork 
Untitled (c. 1968), a work in The Museum of Modern Art’s collection. 

The vibrant strips of color that appear in Thomas’s paintings and drawings, each made from clearly delineated brush marks, were often inspired by foliage moving in the light as seen through the window of the artist’s home, in Washington, DC. Thomas’s joyous abstractions are the result of her lifelong engagement with visual art, but she did not begin exhibiting her work regularly until she was 60 years old. 

This puzzle includes a unique easy-to-assemble nine-compartment sorting tray for organizing the puzzle pieces inside the box. Made from 95% recycled greyboard and printed with non-toxic ink. The pieces are irregular and help to guide its location.

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