Porcelain Tulip


Designer:  Anna Volkova
Materials:  Hand sculpted porcelain
Dimensions:  L 45-55 cm

These exquisite porcelain tulips are hand sculpted  from tinted or white porcelain and fired at a high temperature.  The non-glazed treatment allows for a gentle matte texture, giving the appearance of a real flower. 

Anna Volkova studied at the Art Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.  Since 1998 she has lived in the Netherlands and works as a professional artist.  Volkova makes art works for public and private spaces, participates in exhibitions as well as public commissions.  Her main forms of media are porcelain, glass, plastic, textiles and mosaics. 

All tulips are unique and vary in design, color and texture.

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