Sultan Clutch


Designer: Mehry Mu
Creative Director: Madeline Weinrib

Materials: 100% silk exterior
Origin: Made in Istanbul

This series of silk ikat clutches was designed by Mehry Mu exclusively for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, to celebrate the new Hossein Afshar Galleries for Art of the Islamic Worlds.

Founded with escapist ideals by Güneş Mutlu in 2010, Mehry Mu is an Istanbulite brand that offers locally produced handbags, or as the founding designer likes to call them: ‘bags with soul’. A storyteller at heart, Mutlu collaborates with artisans from different fields of craftsmanship to create handmade, sophisticated accessories.

With the entrepreneurial spirit she inherited from her family, Güneş Mutlu decided to make use of her major in Pscyhology and gave in to her calling for fashion. It was her curiosity for anthropology, literature, icons of style and travel culture that inspired and shaped her collections. Mehry Mu’s authentic style has since appealed to the tastes of influential figures like Jennifer Lawrence and Olivia Palermo and its sales points have stretched from Istanbul to global addresses like Net-à and Le Bon Marché in Paris.

Produced for The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in partnership with Madeline Weinrib, creative director for The Heirloom Project.

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