Out of Order: The Collages of Louise Nevelson


by Louise Nevelson (Editor), Yuval Etgar (Editor), Pia Gottschaller (Contributor), Gió Marconi (Contributor), Maria Nevelson (Contributor)

Despite occupying a significant portion of Louise Nevelson’s (1899–1988) creative output, her collages still today remain largely unexplored, with only a few publications and essays dedicated to them. The fact that this body of work was exhibited only on rare occasions during her lifetime (and always alongside sculpture) is undoubtedly a factor in the delay of full scholarship on the subject. Nonetheless, Nevelson was often quoted commenting that “the way I think is collage,” and already by 1960, Jean Arp declared in one of his poems that “Louise Nevelson has a grandfather, probably without knowing it: Kurt Schwitters,” thereby positioning her work within the lineage of avant-garde collage in modern art.”
This book gathers an extensive collection of these collages alongside essays by Yuval Etgar and Pia Gottschaller, and a conversation between Gió Marconi and Maria Nevelson.


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