Objects of Desire: Surrealism and Design | 1924–Today


by Tanja Cunz (Editor), Claudia Mareis (Editor), Vera Sacchetti (Editor), Mateo Kries (Contributor), Alex Coles (Contributor), Krzysztof Fijalkowski (Contributor)

One of the most influential art movements of the 20th century, surrealism expanded our artistic and quotidian reality by drawing upon myths, dreams and the subconscious as sources of artistic inspiration. The movement began in literature and art, but by the 1930s it was beginning to have an impact on design―an influence that continues to this day. The fascination was often mutual: surrealism opened design up to the realm of dreams, and design could introduce surrealism to the wider world. “I try to create fantastic things, magical things, things like in a dream,” Salvador Dalí said of his work. “The world needs more fantasy.” Designers in fashion, furniture design, advertising, theater, film and architecture took up the call.

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