Blue Silver Multan Pendant


Sourced by: Mahnaz Collection
Materials: Enamel, silver, metal
Dimensions: 2.75" x 3.15"
Origin: Pakistan
Care: It is natural for silver jewelry to oxidize over time. To slow down this process, keep your unworn jewelry in a sealed container. Oxidation can be gently buffed off with a polishing cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals such as perfume, chlorine, and other detergents.

This vintage enamel, silver, and metal Multan pendant features traditional designs from Pakistan.

Mahnaz Collection is New York City’s trusted gallery for original modernist vintage and contemporary jewelry made by designers, goldsmiths, artists, and architects. Their unique pieces promote preservation, re-use, and sustainability.

A worldwide clientele is served by their Madison Avenue galleries  they are often focused modernist vintage jewelry collectors; individuals with an independent spirit and curiosity; those who know their own personal identity and style; and those who appreciate modern and contemporary design, art, and architecture.

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