Louise Bourgeois Mugs - Set of 4


Artist: Louise Bourgeois
Manufacturer: Third Drawer Down
Materials: Bone China
Care: Dishwasher safe
Details: Comes packaged in gift box

Third Drawer Down Studio, in collaboration with Louise Bourgeois and the Easton Foundation, are humbled and thrilled to present their Bone China Mug Set featuring artworks that originally made up a breathtaking installation by Louise Bourgeois.

About the Artist
Louise Bourgeois was a French-born American artist who used her art to work through her experiences and seek calm and strength. She creates narratives about the relationships that we value most as individuals: parents, children and partners. Her international breakthrough came later in her career. Between 1978 and 1981, Louise Bourgeois had five-one woman shows in New York and she has participated in four separate Whitney Museum Biennales.

Third Drawer Down first collaborated with her in 2008 for a retrospective at the Tate Museum. They have continued an on-going relationship with her trust, The Easton Foundation, to produce a series of objects inspired by her work.

10am is When You Come To Me, 2006
© The Easton Foundation

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