Disposable Mask - Standard Rainbow - Five Pack


These masks are not replacements for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment. Although they are made from the exact same materials, these masks are intentionally not certified for medical use.  They are instead intended as facial coverings.  

RAINBOW: 1 Neon Pink, 1 Neon Blue, 1 Neon Green, 1 Neon Yellow & 1 Neon Coral Red. 

Pack of 5
Resealable Bag
Triple Layer

- Exterior Layer: Non-woven fabric that filters dust & droplets.
- Center Protective Layer: Fine Particle Filtration.
- Interior Layer: Soft, Moisture Proof & Breathable. (Not Dyed - White)
- 3PLY protective Standards: - EN 149;2001+A1:2009

Around the Ear Elastic Straps
Hidden Flexible nose wire for adjustable fit. 
One Size Fits All

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