Lucie Wearable Led Clip

Designer:  Yoann Jacquon
Manufacturer:  Lexon
Materials:  Aluminum
Dimensions:  1.2 x 0.5 x 1.8”
Colors:  Red, Black 

Clip Lucie to any bag or clothing to stay safe during your outdoor activities such as cycling, running or walking.  Turned on by a simple press, Lucie will deliver a bright light visible up to 150m to indicate your presence and stay everyone knows where you are in all conditions.  Lucie features 4 light settings, fixed, flashing, blinking or breathing, and two colors - red or white.  Offering 12 hours battery life, rechargeable by USB-C, rain resistant resistant and available in 5 stylish colors in aluminum finishing, Lucie is the perfect compact wearable light.

Technical Specifications:

Wearable LED clip
Red or white light
Fixed or blinking
Rain-resistance IPX4
Visible light up to 500 feet
Battery life: up to 12h

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