La Boite Concept Audio Furniture


Designer: La Boite Concept
White Matte & Oak Materials: solid beech veneered with natural European light oak grain, matt varnished, solid steel wire (rigid), matte white paint
Black Matte & Walnut Materials: natural American walnut veneer on black stained Finsa, matt varnished, solid steel wire (rigid), matte black paint
Dimensions horizontal: 15 x 35 x 20 in
Dimensions vertical: 15 x 20 x 35 in

Origin: Made in France

LINES is a modular piece of furniture, specially designed to accommodate to all your audio equipment – turntables, speakers and records – ensuring optimal listening without vibrations or edge effects. Adapted to all types of listening, to the variety of your equipment but also to your space. Arranged horizontally or vertically, combined in multiple units or on its own, LINES can be put together in an infinite number of ways: place and move your shelves as you wish to create a bookcase, a TV cabinet, a sideboard, a column, a coffee table, or whatever you choose.

Although particularly suited to the La Boite concept PR/01 speaker and the new SQUARE turntable, it can accommodate any turntable, any small speaker, any amplifier, with elegance.

To absorb vibrations, the metal structure is made of steel wire (solid) and each shelf is covered with wool felt.

Leather cable clamps made from La Boite Concept’s leather scraps are used to conceal the cables along the steel structure.

LINES can also be completed with a collection of leather accessories (sold separately): vinyl holder, pin tray, record jacket.

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