Kiki Xue: Portraits


by Kiki Xue (Photographer), Denise Wendel (Contributor)

The Paris-based photographer Kiki Xue (born 1986) has been a prolific force within the fashion industry since 2010, working with top magazines such as Vogue Italia, Vogue China, Vogue Arabia, CR Mag, Harper's Bazaar China and Boycott, among others. Originally from Chengdu in China, Xue first studied mathematics before pivoting to photography. Fittingly, his work demonstrates mathematical precision; rigorous composition and acute attention to detail are hallmarks of a Xue photograph. This photobook―the first on Xue―showcases a portrait series from his personal work. Some of his subjects are nude; others wear traditional costumes; all are flooded with natural light. Using both digital and film cameras, the photographer explores various textures, colors and emotions. The volume offers an opportunity to discover an artist who fuses his knowledge of art, fashion and history with rare exactitude.

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