Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Machine


by Hiroshi Sugimoto (Photographer), James Attlee (Contributor), Geoffrey Batchen (Contributor), Allie Biswas (Contributor), David Chipperfield (Contributor), Edmund de Waal (Contributor), Mami Kataoka (Contributor), Ralph Rugoff (Contributor), Lara Strongman (Contributor), Margaret Wertheim (Contributor)

Through his expansive exploration of the possibilities of still images, Hiroshi Sugimoto has created some of the most alluringly enigmatic photographs of our time―pictures that are meticulously crafted and deeply thought-provoking, familiar yet tantalizingly ambiguous. Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Machine is a comprehensive survey of work produced over the past five decades, featuring selections from all of Sugimoto’s major series, as well as lesser-known works that illuminate his innovative, conceptually driven approach to making pictures.
Texts by international writers, artists and scholars?including Geoffrey Batchen, Edmund de Waal, Mami Kataoka, Ralph Rugoff, Lara Strongman and Margaret Wertheim?highlight his work’s philosophical yet playful inquiry into the nature of representation and art, our understanding of time and memory, and the paradoxical character of photography as a medium so well suited to both documenting and invention.

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