Handie Necklace

Designer: Sophie Pfeffer
Studio: 5 Octobre 
Materials: Necklace and charms in 14K gold, vegetal ivory, citrine and freshwater pearl
Dimensions: 17-18" L

Care: 5 Octobre designs and manufactures refined jewelry with timeless materials. They must be treated with care and handled carefully to protect them from the shocks caused by our daily gestures. We advise to use a soft cloth. When not worn, all jewels should be protected in their box to prevent impacts and frictions. The stones, delicate, must also be preserved. Avoid contact with cosmetics, chemical, and abrasive products. Pieces are timeless and age beautifully with proper care.

5 Octobre values handmade, expertise, limited edition, and sustainable production. Sophie Pfeffer's approach over the past eighteen years has been to nourish the relationship over time of faithful collaboration with her partners, giving priority to work in small series, using the rich know-how of the best craftsmen.

Each piece of jewelry is shaped by hand, adding a unique character where the gem is meticulously chosen.

Committed to the motto "Less is Better," her models are made in small-scale production and some collections in limited editions and one-of-a-kind pieces.

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