Haegue Yang: Emergence


by Adelina Vlas (Author), Lynne Cooke (Author), Jee-sook Beck (Author)

Haegue Yang is renowned for her multifaceted works that vary in form from collage to kinetic sculpture, perceptively evoking historical and contemporary narratives of migration, displacement, and cross-cultural translation. Using a language of abstraction, Yang transforms ordinary and domestic materials, such as venetian blinds, light bulbs, drying racks, yarn, and bells, into deeply allegorical, meticulously constructed installations and sculptures that dissociate these materials from their original contexts. The artist's installations become immersive environments that provoke the senses with a diversity of scents, sounds and textures. Featuring essays contextualizing Yang's artistic career, this book generates new understandings of Yang's transformative contributions to the field of contemporary art.

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