Visions of the Hispanic World: Treasures from the Hispanic Society Museum and Library


The exhibition catalogue has been organized and edited by  Mitchell A. Codding, Executive Director of the Hispanic Society and Curator of the exhibition, in collaboration with recognized specialists. The catalogue entries were prepared by Constancio del Álamo, Marcus B. Burke, Mitchell A. Codding, Patrick Lenaghan, Margaret E. Connors McQuade and John O’Neill, curators of Hispanic Society Museum & Library.

Visions of the Hispanic World was inaugurated at the Museo Nacional del Prado, occupying all three temporary exhibition galleries in the Rafael Moneo extension, and attracting nearly 500,000 visitors from 4 April to 10 September 2017. After viewing the works at the Hispanic Society prior to the exhibition, Miguel Zugaza, former Director of the Prado, commented:

“I have to say the collections of the HSA are astoundingly rich and the remarkably fitting acquisitions of the last few years, a revelation. This is truly a major hidden treasure in both America and Europe. We decided to expand certain aspects of the first list so that all three main spaces of our exhibition galleries would be filled, as we did for the Hermitage show. In sum, we are off on a dream journey. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

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