Flowing Rhythm, Red Mobile


Designer: Christian Flensted 
Manufacturer: Flensted Mobiles 
Material: Fiber Cardboard
Dimensions: H 30 x W 45 cm
Color: Red, Black
Design Year: 1955

If the concepts ‘classic’ and ‘timeless’ particularly suit one of the mobiles in the Flensted range, it must surely be Flowing Rhythm.

For as early as 1955 Christian Flensted designed this highly simple and elegant mobile which still – so many decades later – blends perfectly with modern interiors.

How come? Perhaps because the interplay between basic forms and the bright, classic colors? Or could it be the sheer elegance when air and movement is added to its elegant expression? 

We believe that it is a combination of all of this that has kept Flowing Rhythm in constant flow across changing times and trends. 

It is the shapes, colors and elegant movements that repeatedly draw one’s gaze towards this beautiful, graceful mobile.

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