Vintage Evil Eye Necklace

$112.50 $150

Designer: Nadzar
Creative Director: Madeline Weinrib
Materials: Silver necklace made of vintage glass evil eye beads / 925K silver & 18K, 1 micron gold plated
Length: 17.7 in
Origin: Made by skilled Grand Bazaar Artisans in Istanbul 
Details: Please note that all glass evil eye beads are vintage from the 1960s–1990s, therefore they may differ slightly from each other.

NADZAR is named after the evil eye bead “the nazar” and means simply “Evil Eye.” 
The belief in the evil eye curse goes as far back as the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, and so does the tradition of relying on the talismanic power of the glass bead to deter its dark effects. The nazar is said to shield its wearer from the envious glares of ill-wishers. Its basic minimalism loaded with meaning and prehistoric symbolism, the bead is both ancient and timeless.

NADZAR was created by Özge Tan Özbek, an Istanbul-based vintage and antique jewelry dealer, an obsessive collector with a particular eye for historic Anatolian beads and amulets. Built entirely around the iconic bead, the brand is both deeply rooted in history and of the moment. In Özbek’s reinterpretation, the unmistakable old-age charm of the opaline bead is given a distinctly contemporary look, but, despite this modern take on the iconic symbol, it is the connection to the past which lies at the true heart of the brand.

Taking a passionate stand against fast fashion practices, every piece is made exclusively using vintage beads that were handmade in the 1960s–90s.

Produced for The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in partnership with Madeline Weinrib, creative director for The Heirloom Project.


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