Eva Hesse: Diaries

by Barry Rosen and Tamara Bloomberg

“Giving life to a once white piece of linen stretched on 4 pieces of wood, to create a rich visual experience is indeed an intriguing complete experience,” wrote Eva Hesse in a 1957 diary entry between notes on her weekly plans and further musings about her goals as an artist. In this extensive collection of Hesse’s diaries, recorded from 1955 to 1970, readers are given an intimate glimpse into the mind of one of contemporary sculpture’s most prominent figures. Despite personal tragedies and the difficulties she faced as one of the few female artists in the male-dominated post minimalist movement, Hesse remained intrepid in both her life and craft. Composed of twisted ropes and delicate plastic among other unconventional materials, Hesse’s sculptures defy traditional notions of form; her deeply thoughtful practice as a sculptor and a painter are revealed at length in her writing.

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