Designer:  Studio Drift 
Materials:  Phosphor Bronze, real Dandelion seeds, and LED
Dimensions:  H 7 x W 4.5 x D 1″
Design Origin:  Netherlands 

Dandelight is a subtle and imaginative light.  The concept is based upon that of Studio Drift’s most well-known work Fragile Future III: an utopian vision of the amalgamation between nature and technology.  Each Dandelight is made of a real dandelion, which are hand picked in large numbers every spring.  The individual seeds are glued onto a LED, one by one.  This labor-intensive process symbolizes the fragility of life.  The artwork makes a clear statement on mass production and our contemporary disposable culture. Have rapid technological developments really progressed beyond the evolution of
nature; of which the dandelion is such a symbolic and transitory example?  Or could the two evolve together and meet again in the future?  Dandelight can be seen as an expression of a critical yet utopian vision of the future of our planet: where two seemingly contradictory elements must strike a pact to survive.

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