Cyril Squirrel Fox Plush Toy


Designer: Donna Wilson
Materials: 100% lambswool fabric, recycled polyester stuffing
Dimensions: 13.4" high (excluding tail)
Care: Dry clean only / Treat any soils or spills as soon as possible by soaking up any excess liquid and dabbing the soiled area with cold water
Ages: Suitable for ages 3+

Hi, I’m Cyril Squirrel Fox! I’m mischievous and like marmalade, but dislike cottage cheese.

Cyril is one of Donna Wilson’s first creatures and the most distinctive. He is half fox, half squirrel.

Cyril is made from 100% lambswool stuffed with recycled polyester stuffing, and is suitable for ages 3+.

Donna Wilson knits their creatures in the UK using the softest yarns. Each one is assembled and embroidered by hand – you can find the name of each creature’s maker on its cardboard tag. Each one is packaged in a drawstring cotton bag and they give each creature a little squeeze before sending it to its new home.

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