Two-Striped Mixed Pack of Eco Dinner Candles - Gift Box of 6


Manufacturer: British Colour Standard
Material: 100% Stearin Wax / Pure Cotton Wick (lead/metal Free) / Ecological color dyes, Paraffin Free / No animal derived ingredients / Non-drip
Dimensions: 24.5cm Tall / 9.64 ''
Burn time: 8 hours, with a tall clean flame
Origin: Hand poured in Indonesia / Fair Trade

The art and design team of Jackie Piper & Victoria Whitbread have a shared love of color & material exploration. Discovering an old color dictionary in an Oxfam shop began a journey to re-establish this long forgotten brand, a treasure trove of color & rich history first established 1931.

Out of use since the 1950’s, they acquired & accurately scanned original color dictionaries. A digital color reader established a profile for the many hundreds of colors created and logged in the 1930’s and these original colors & names are used in their current collections.
Derived and inspired from nature, flora & fauna, as well as semi-precious stones & spices, the main collections include many historic & special Royal colors, designed and used for coronations & special events.
Aiming to be the go-to brand for color in the home for paint & interior accessories as well as championing eco, sustainable & Fair Trade products within their collections.
Established 1931, now 21st Century ready.

* Due to the delicate nature and natural construction of the candle where the color is poured layer by layer, 1 or 2 colored sections can potentially separate during shipping and cause a wobble/rattle.
The candle will still burn safely as the wick runs all the way through holding them all together.
* If 1 candle has this issue please note we can only offer a discount code as we cannot replace individual candles.
* Best when lit for 4 hours at a time
* Stop burning when 2cm of unmelted candle remains
* Leave 10 cm between candles when burning

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