Amethyst Gemstone Ring

$356.25 $475

Designer: Katherine Parr
Creative Director: Madeline Weinrib
Dimensions: Leaves, 1.25 x 1.25 in / Wheat, 1 x 1.2 in / Stars, 1.2 x 1.25 in
Ring Sizes: Leaves, 7 / Wheat, 5.75 / Stars, 7
Materials: 18kt gold plated sterling silver, amethyst gemstones
Origin: Handmade by skilled artisans in Jaipur, India
Details: Each piece comes in a black Katherine Parr suede pouch

Katherine Parr draws inspiration from ancient cultures around the world. The historical cultures discovered alongside the Silk Road play an important part in inspiring her work. Katherine continuously brings the heritage of artisans into her designs, notably from the Islamic world, including the Persian Empire and The Levant.

These cocktail rings feature symbolic motifs found in historic art of the Islamic world through present day, including spiritually significant celestial stars, symbolic of the interest in astrology and the reliance of travelers upon knowledge of the constellations for guidance in their journeys, as well as the wheat motif, a symbol of fertility and abundance. Religion played a particularly important role in the Islamic love of plants, and the leaf motif symbolizes both the garden and the natural variety of plants aided by the rise in trade routes through the Islamic world and beyond.

These rings are handmade outside Jaipur, India, by a small group of skilled artisans with fair trade practices and recycled precious metals. The gemstones are hand cut and polished and the rings are cast in recycled Sterling Silver and heavily coated in yellow gold by talented artisans. The fair-trade artisan facility employs men and women and is a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council.

Produced for The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in partnership with Madeline Weinrib, creative director for The Heirloom Project.


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