Como Portable LED Lamp SC53


Designer: Space Copenhagen
Materials: Aluminum or Brass, ABS
Dimensions: 6.14”Ø; 8.3”H
Design Year: 2020

Match lighting to mood with Como SC53, a portable table lamp from Space Copenhagen. Crafted from anodized aluminum, Como’s sturdy base tapers up towards a softy curved, mushroom-shaped shade. This battery-powered lamp can operate for eleven hours at the highest setting. It is easily recharged with a magnetic USB cable or a charging tray.

Battery compartment is made from molded ABS.
Product Weight: 1.1 pound
Packaging Dimensions & Weight: 8.3"L x 8.3”W x 11.2”H; 2.2 pounds.
Light Source: 1W LED light bulb (output 100 lumen) CRI: > 85 Color temperature (kelvin): 2700K, LED lifetime: 25.000 hours
Battery: 6 hour charging time, Operating time when fully charged: 11-20 hours. 2 batteries wrapped into 1 pack. Rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 2600 mAh 3.6V
voltage: Recharge input: 5.0V, 1mA
voltage: Recharge input: 5.0V, 1mA
Charging Cord: Magnetic USB Charging Cable, 78.7”
Dimmability: 3 levels (40% – 70% – 100%)
Certification: CE, CB, IP44, Class III

Environment: For use in indoor and in dry outdoor conditions. Must be stored indoors.

Care Instructions: Wipe surface of the shade with a dry cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools such as steel wool, scouring sponges or stiff brushes. Never use strong cleaning agents such as white spirit, turpentine, household glass cleaner or cellulose thinners.

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