Chakati Round Cushion

Designer: Muskhane
Materials: 100% felt
Dimensions: 15.75 in diameter / 1.5 in thickness
Origin: Handmade in Nepal
Care: Vacuum or brush. Spot-clean with warm damp sponge and soap, or with a textile stain remover. Do not machine wash.

The Chakati Cushion from Muskhane, with its round and compact shape, will add a noticeable decorative touch to any room that you place in it. But you will also appreciate it for its usefulness! Indeed, the density of the wool, felted by Nepalese craftsmen, makes it a very comfortable seat for your guests, placed on the floor, on a bench, or on a chair. Its thickness also makes it the ideal cushion to meditate comfortably while seated cross-legged.


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