Chairpedia: 101 Stories of Chairs


Santi Barjau (Author), Albert Fuster (Author), Isabel del Rio (Author), Alvaro Castro (Author), Maria Jose Ballcells, (Author), Ramon Ubeda (Editor)

Interdisciplinary authors come together to reflect on the history of chair design through 101 selected chairs.

Every chair tells its own story, and all of them fit into this book--even the stories in which design is not overtly the topic at hand.  Chairs and artificial intelligence; famous chairs on which Freud, Pessoa or Proust sat; chairs as historical, political and societal symbols; chairs for thin or corpulent people; rocking, creative, royal chairs: all these facets of chairs and more are packed into this volume.

Bringing together writers, design historians, architecture critics and art curators, Chairpedia is a compilation of anecdotes about the chair--beginning with Mauricio Wiesenthal's Tales to Read Seated, published by Andreu World--and comprises a history of chair design told through 101 examples.

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