Kashmir Loom Chain Stitch Kashmiri Oversize Wool Shawl

Designer: Kashmir Loom
Creative Director: Madeline Weinrib
Materials: 100% merino wool
Dimensions: 79 x 27 1/2 in
Origin: Made in India
Care: Dry clean

This luxurious 100% merino wool shawl features an exquisite chain stitch pattern inspired by the kaleidoscope motif on a stonepaste dish (ca. 1580–85) in The Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. Painted in brilliant cobalt blue, the dish was produced at the famous kilns in Iznik, Turkey.

Together with a team of master artisans, Kashmir Loom co-founders Jenny Housego and Asaf Ali shepherd a heritage craft into the modern day. Operating between Delhi and Srinagar, Kashmir, a bucolic region at the northern reaches of the Indian subcontinent, Kashmir Loom reinterprets a sartorial superstar: the Kashmiri shawl, which has been adapted by cultures near and far throughout the centuries. Each shawl is handcrafted in small Kashmiri family workshops, where pride and dignity are spun as surely as a soft Pashmina thread on a traditional charka wheel.

Produced for The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in partnership with Madeline Weinrib, creative director for The Heirloom Project.

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