Black Karmata Sari


Designer: Raw Mango
Materials: Organza silk, satin silk
Dimensions: 216.5" L x 42" W
Origin: Custom made in India

The 'Karmata' black sari is made through the joinery of textiles: organza silk and satin silk, which allows for a better suited drape and fall. It features a border of Indian Rock Python hand-embroidered the through 'zardozi'.

One of the longest and heaviest non-venomous snakes found in the main-land India, pythons have been recorded to grow 15 feet. Excellent swimmers as well as climbers, they have two heat sensor pits near the snout which help them detect their prey even in the dark. Belonging to the category of constrictors, they kill prey by coiling their body around the body, resulting in its suffocation. Habitat loss and lack of conservation efforts have caused them to be listed as a Near Threatened species.

Blouse worn by the model is not included.

Natural variations in colors and weave are part of the textile, as it is handwoven.

This product is made to order. Standard production time is 8-10 weeks. International delivery from India is 8-10 business days.

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