Setago Portable Table Lamp


Designer:  Jaime Hayon 
Materials:  Molded PC Plastic, Brass dimmer button 
Dimensions:  8.8" H, 7.1" D
Color:  Rust & Thunder 
Year of Design:  2019

10 hours of light (at 100% illumination per 8-hour charge)
Dimmable LED bulb (3W, 2800K, CRI80, 225lm) included
Touch sensitive dimmer switch
Indoor/outdoor use (but not weather-proof)

    Like many of Jaime Hayon's pieces the Setago comes with a story.  'Seta' - the Spanish word for mushroom - sets the tone for the diminutive, mushroom like proportions of this quirky table lamp.  But a further clue to its identity is signified by the suffix 'go' because this lamp - unburdened by an electrical cord - can literally go anywhere.  Rather than remain stationary, it was made to be moved around with ease, plucked like foliage from the floor and carried from one room to the next.  To recharge, it simply needs to be attached to a USB cable.  

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