Marra Mirror Wall or Table Light


Designer:  Nir Josef Chehanowski
Manufacturer:  Studio Cheha
Materials:  Acrylic frame, glass mirror, stand and wall hook, LED light, 64" black cord and dimmer
Dimensions:  12" height, 8.25" width, 1.75" depth (add 0.5" when in stand), 
Power:  100-240v
Lifespan:  Up to 50,000 hours
Design Origin:  Switzerland

Studio Cheha’s “Bulbing” line plays with the perception of every day objects with its optical illusion lamps.  The Marra mirror light appears 3-D when switched on, however, it actually consists of a flat, laser-engraved sheet of acrylic glass and hidden LED elements to create that sense of dimensionality. Use as the perfect night light or a simple beam of moody ambience, this space-saver luminary delivers on style, function, and a little bit of magic.  Nir Josef Chehanowski founded Studio Cheha via Kickstarter, a crowdfunding resource that uses the power of community to help entrepreneurs go from idea to reality.  The project was funded within three days of launch. 



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