Days With Dad


by Nari Hong (Illustrator)

In this heart-warming book for young children, a father who uses a wheelchair because he cannot walk expresses regret for the things he is unable to do with his daughter. The story, narrated by the daughter and based on the author’s own experiences, revolves around an on-going conversation the two have about the father’s concerns that he is falling short as a parent. At every point along the way, the narrator makes it clear that her father should not feel badly: she points out the two of them have found many enjoyable activities to do together. Cozy, warm-hued artwork depicts the interesting life the father and daughter share as well as their obvious affection for each other. The father is almost always shown without his wheelchair – for instance, seated on a park bench or on a picnic blanket close to his daughter – and this quietly reinforces the central idea that what a person can do, rather than what they are unable to do, is what matters the most. Caring relationships are important, too. As the daughter reminds her father, “Sometimes you seem to worry about me, but I’m just happy to be with you every day.”  

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