Espresso Coffee Maker 9090 - 6 cups

Designer: Richard Sapper
Manufacturer: Alessi
Materials: 18/10 Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 4" diameter, 8" height
Volume: 10 oz
Year of Design: 1979
Origin: Italy

Richard Sapper's 1979 rocket-shaped stove-top espresso coffee maker was Alessi's first product for the kitchen, winning the company's first Compasso d'Oro award that same year, and was the first Alessi item exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. The design was an homage to Alberto Alessi's grandfather Alfonso Bialetti, who designed the very first Italian espresso maker. "I wanted to give this machinery the features that others do not have." With these word,s Richard Sapper described the idea from which he started. 9090 is original not only for its special shape but also for some functional innovations such as the enlarged base that allows to maximize heat, the anti-drip spout, and the lever lock that allow one to open the coffee pot with a simple gesture of the hand.

Espresso coffee maker in 18/10 stainless steel.  Magnetic steel bottom suitable for induction cooking. 6 full espresso cups (based on 1.6 ounce "cups").

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