Graphite Line: Multi-Tech, Watersoluble Set - Assorted 13 pieces


Multi-product set that combines complementary media to create exceptional effects:

2 Technalo hardnesses (6B, 3B) + 3 Technalo RGB (Red 575, Green 719, Blue 159)
3 Grafcube RGB (Red 575, Green 719, Blue 159)
2 Museum Aquarelle (yellow ochre, blood red)
3 accessories (brush, eraser, pencil sharpener)

Techniques for Use
Watercolor, pointillism, hatching, writing, sketching, shading, blurring, technical and artistic design.

With a priceless heritage of expertise, the Maison Caran d’Ache has been designing and producing exceptional products in its Geneva workshops for more than 100 years, faithful to the reputation of the ‘Swiss Made’ label.

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