Bauhaus and America: Experiments in Light and Movement


by Hermann Arnhold (Contributor), Kristin Bartels (Contributor), Torsten Blume (Contributor), Ulrike Gärtner (Contributor), Andreas Hapkemeyer (Contributor), Julie Jones (Contributor), Gail Kirkpatrick (Contributor), Márton Orosz (Contributor), Tanja Pirsig-Marshall (Contributor), Jeanette Redensek (Contributor), Eline Van Dijk (Contributor), Peter Weibel (Contributor)

One hundred years after the founding of the Bauhaus in 1919, Bauhaus and America considers the myriad ways in which the German art, design and architecture school influenced the art and culture of the United States after the World War II. Bauhaus and America identifies one particular area of influence: the Bauhaus stage, which functioned like an interdisciplinary laboratory for diverse artistic experiments with light and movement―from light and kinetic art, to experimental film, to dance and performance art.

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