Vincent van Gogh: Self Portrait with Straw Hat Bag, 1887


Manufacturer:  Loqi for Van Gogh Museum 
Materials:  Polyester and water-resistant
Dimensions:  bag 50 x 42 cm (19.7" x 16.5"), zip pocket 11 x 11.5 cm (4.3" x 4.5"), 
Weight:  55 g (1.94 oz.), can carry 20 kg (44 lbs.)

Fusion of emotions, imagination and rhythm.  An intimate look into the marvelous mind with the Self Portrait with Straw Hat tote bag.  Loqi teamed up with the highly-acclaimed Van Gogh Museum to bring you the fusion between high art and everyday fashion. Vincent van Gogh, Self-Portrait with Straw Hat, 1887 ® Van Gogh Museum © VGME B.V.

Consuming colors.  Sumptuous swirls.  Painfully painterly. Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh is one of the world’s most well-known artists.  He only painted for about 10 years, yet he produced more than 2000 works—all in his unmistakable, signature style.  His artwork continues to capture hearts and imaginations around the world.

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