Panton Tray - Small

Designer: Verner Panton
Manufacturer: Georg Jensen 
Materials: Mirrored polished stainless steel 
Dimensions: 1.22" H x 5.79" W x 6.93" L
Year of Design: 2012

An abstract and sculptural object of beauty in its own right, this striking stainless steel serving tray makes a decorative centerpiece to a table even when empty.  Originally designed by legendary Verner Panton as a sterling silver piece, the dish was created by him crumpling up and then unfolding a piece of paper and asking the silversmith to reproduce the faceted shape. An iconic piece of Scandinavian design, the tray is a dramatic way of serving fruit, bread or salads.

Danish-born Verner Panton was a superstar in the international mid-century design world. Something of an ‘enfant terrible’, his work was revolutionary and uncompromising and ranged from architecture to lighting and furniture. It continues to influence and impress to this day.

The medium-sized tray is masterfully crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel.

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