Cube Sola Dandelion (2.0 inches)


Designer:  Sola
Materials:  Acrylic resin / dried dandelion
Dimensions:  1.6in W × 1.6in D × 1.6in H 
Weight:  74 g
Uniqueness: Packaged plants are all sourced from nature. They vary in sizes, colors and shapes.
Origin:  Japan
Care:  Please wipe off by soft cloth when cleaning.  
Use of chemicals:  Fine cracks may occur if cleaned by solutions such as thinner or alcohol.
Temperature:  Please avoid the direct sunlight or extremely humid atmosphere. They may cause discoloration or small cracks.

This perfectly preserved dandelion rests inside an acrylic cube.  Admire as an exquisite decorative object or as a functional paper weight.  Its fluffy round ball is a high performing parachute. When rains, the parachute ball will close like an umbrella, and when it dries, it will reopen and fly up to the sky. 

Each sola cube is carefully hand crafted. During the production process, fine air bubbles or powder like materials may occur inside the cube, however, they are not considered a defect. 

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