Kantha: Poetry Embroidered on Cloth


by Krishna Lal (Author)

Kantha: Poetry Embroidered on Cloth speaks volumes about the imagination of Bengali women and the aspirations that her craftwork reflects. Her creativity stands unmatched when she breathes life into a discarded saree, worn out from constant use and laundering, transforming a simple five meters of old cloth into a most admirable, attractive and unparalleled utilitarian artifact.

About the Author

Mrs. Krishna Lal, Consultant, IGNCA (M.A (History), Aligarh University) served in the Decorative Arts and Textiles Department, National Museum, New Delhi for 34 years. She was awarded with a French Government scholarship to pursue a Diploma in Museography in French in 1971-72.

Mrs. Lal Participated and presented papers in several seminars and international conferences held in U.K., Mexico and Greece. In addition to coordination of several national and international exhibitions, she was an active participant in the Festival of India Exhibition in U.K., French and the U.S.S.R. during 1982-1988.

Her research work includes catalogues on Bidriware in the National Museum collection, New Delhi (1990), Indian Decorative Arts published in German (1985) and Russian (1978) language, and Phulkari: From the Realm of Women’s Creativity (2013). Her Peacock in Indian Art Thought and Literature was published in 2006. 

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