La Boite Concept Acoustic Loudspeaker


Designer: La Boite Concept
Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 9.5 in
Origin: Made in France

Materials: 1 x 5" long excursion aluminium internal woofer hermetically sealed inside speaker / Technology: Patented Active Pressure Reflex® + 1 x 5" aluminium medium woofer + 2 x Silk dome tweeter

Power: Hifi power on 8ohms 100 W / Total power 200 W / Sound level in dB at 1m 94 dB / Maximal surface area covered 150 m2 / 4 x amplifiers 2.2 channels with active DSP

Inputs: Bluetooth® Apt-X, RCA, 3.5mm mini-jack, Toslink Optical (24bits), Voice Control System compatible, Multiroom System compatible, Induction Charger compatible, usb-c charging port, usb charging port

Seven years of research and development have been required to customize a patent
initially developed by the Cagniard family in 1976 to adapt it for new digital
uses: the PR/01, named after the Active Pression Reflex® technology, is an active loudspeaker that respects the features of traditional high-fidelity.

The exceptional quality of the extreme bass frequencies is ensured by the implementation in an airtight chamber of 2 loudspeakers (including 1 internal woofer) which are controlled numerically. This pressure chamber system is calibrated by multiple digital amplifiers. These custom-built amplifiers offer exceptional power and definition especially in the extreme deep bass, all contained within a very compact structure.


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