SOWDEN PL2 Portable Lamp - Yellow Blue


Designer: George Sowden
Materials: ABS, silicone, aluminum
Dimensions: 12 x 7 in
Power Input: DC 5 V, 1.0 A
Lamp Type: 3W LED (160 lumens)
Details: Silicone shade is removable and washable

The PL2 Portable Lamp from SOWDEN is a rechargeable lamp that features an aluminium stand and shades made from silicon, a material that Memphis Group designer George Sowden discovered to be an excellent diffuser of light and easy to clean. Sowden has focused on enhancing the battery performance of this lamp, making it suitable for restaurant tables and bar counters where utility power is impractical, as well as for indoor and outdoor use at home. With its sleek design and reliable battery, the PL2 Portable Lamp is the perfect addition to any space, providing warm and inviting light wherever you need it.

The PL2 lamp also contains two 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries; when flat, they can also be changed easily with fully charged replacements, permitting immediate use. In restaurants, batteries can be swapped during service without ever leaving guests in the dark.

For home use, you can recharge as needed with the supplied USB connector. The lamp can be used for an indefinite period of time when connected to USB.

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