Dans Les Tuyaux du Centre Pompidou (French Edition)



Hop, here we are on the Piazza! The architect Renzo Piano wanted the Center Pompidou to be an invitation to come and see the works of art, without being afraid.

Loïc Froissart, the author of My Cabin and other albums for young people, spent many hours in the heart of the Center Pompidou to familiarize himself with all these tubes and pipes and find his way around this immense liner.

Like a guided tour, the reader is invited to explore the thousands of square meters of the building; after having been captivated by the numerous activities of the Forum, he takes the famous escalator, the caterpillar, which zig-zags along the facade and serves each floor. He then discovers the exhibition spaces and the museum with their gridded rooms then settles in at the Bpi to read and rest.

Over the pages, the reader gradually understands the astonishing colorful structure, its different functions and all its actors. Sneak b
ehind the futuristic decor, behind the scenes of a major museum to understand what is hidden behind the famous construction which hit the headlines and caused a scandal at the end of the 1970s.

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