Cut Up This Book and Create Your Own Underworld: 1,000 Unexpected Images for Collage Artists


by Eliza Scott (Author), Marta Costa Planas (Illustrator)

From memento mori to día de los muertos, nothing inspires more than the imagery of mortality, and this book supplies collage artists with all they need to explore that spellbinding topic. Make shadowy skeletons dance before ruined churches, lilies bloom against apocalyptic cloudscapes, or serpents wind through empty eye sockets—there’s no limit to the visions you can conjure. Every title in the Cut Up This Book series has all the imagery you need to create an infinite variety of surprising artworks. There are backgrounds, textures, and more than 1,000 lively images—ready for you to cut out and juxtapose in expressive new ways. Just bring scissors, glue, and your nightmarish reveries.

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