Monet “The Artist’s Garden at Giverny” Stick Umbrella


Designer: Galleria
Diameter: 42 in
Length: 31 in
Frame Material: Fiberglass
Weight: 1.25 lbs
Details: Artwork printed on both the inside and outside cover

Galleria's Reverse Close technology makes it easy to get in and out of your car or house door without getting drenched. Because of its unique design, the Galleria Reverse Close umbrella closes while keeping you dry from the elements.

Gallerias double cover construction allows it to withstand strong winds that would cause most standard umbrellas to collapse.

Extra-strong unbreakable fiberglass ribs between the covers allows for a snag-free, easy to use umbrella.

Extra-large cover, 42-inch diameter when open. Length, 31 inches from handle to tip when closed.

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