Miniature Pots


Designer:  Yuta Segawa
Dimensions:  Small 1.29" / Medium 1.97" / Large 2.76"
Origin:  London

Yuta Segawa is a Japanese ceramic artist specializing in producing miniature pottery.  He learned advanced ceramic skills in Japan and China and developed it into techniques of miniature pots while working in London.  All miniature pots are thrown individually by hand with over five hundred original glazes.  Miniature pottery relates to the issue of the relationship between artists' bodies and their works.  It is a challenge to test the limits of what a human body can make on such a small scale.  

For online orders, our team will arrange a well-balanced group for you!  It is not possible to choose specific silhouettes and colors online.  Please visit our museum shop to make a personalized selection.

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